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The Board of Deacons, together with the Pastor, are responsible for providing meaningful worship that glorifies God and celebrates His gifts to all His people. The Board of Deacons assists the Clergy in worship service, including the preparation and administration of the Sacraments, in visiting and caring for the poor, the sick, the sorrowing, and strangers, and in calling upon new members, in introducing new families into the life of the Church, and in ministering to the spiritual interest of the Church and the community.

Board Members:

    Ellen Aronheim, Chairman
    Erika Carrington, Vice-chairman
    Leonard Beard
    Samuel Dexter
    Greg Ecsedy
    Maria Ryan
    Gail Seymour
    John Somero
    Kent Sullivan-Wiley

Music Committee Members:

    Gail Seymour
    Sal Sena
    Kent Sullivan-Wiley

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