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There are 2 ways to send us a donation:

1.  By mail with payment by Check
Send an explanation along with your check to:
1242 Whittemore Rd.
Middlebury CT 06762

2.  By email and payment by Credit Card.
Send an explanation to to let us know it is coming AND
pay by credit card by clicking the link below:

Pay By Credit Card

There are different ways that you can support our Church's mission financially:

The General Fund:

Your monthly pledge or donation is essential to the operation of the church.  Without it we can't fulfill our mission statement.

To view our Mission Statement click HERE

Book of Remembrance:

You may make a donation to the Book of Remembrance in memory of a loved one.  This donation will go toward the beautification of the church or to a special need not covered by the yearly budget.

Charles P. Luckey Jr. Scholarship Fund:

As tuition and related costs have increased dramatically in the past few years, it has become more difficult for many students to finance their education.  We are pleased to continue the memory of Reverend Charles Luckey and his efforts to help students and members of the Middlebury Congregational Church further their education.

Pastor's Discretionary Fund:

During this economic downturn there are more people in our community in extreme need. As these needs become apparent to the Pastor he uses the Pastor's Discretionary Fund to help in an emergency on a one to one basis.

Special Recognition or Tribute:

We now have a way for you to make a donation and recognize a special event or loved one. It's easy! Send your request to Jeanine in the office by mail or email.  The information we need is what the recognition is (in memory of someone, a thank you, congratulations, Happy Birthday or Anniversary etc.), who it is from and a note if you wish.  Your tribute will be published in that week's Sunday newsletter and in that month's Church Life.

Flower Fund:

Each Sunday our flower volunteer beautifully arranges flowers to brighten the church.  Your donation to the flower fund will enable her to continue to do this.

Third Century Fund:

This fund is used to make major improvements and repairs to the church.  In the past year this fund was used to install new energy efficient windows in the entire church building.  As we use this fund for improvements it also has to be replenished to be there for the future.



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